SFXBOYS – 2015 Campaign Fund Raising for Bro. Gregory in Kenya

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“Ode to Marist Brothers”

Spurred on by Bro. Gregory’s dedication, sacrifice and hardship in the Marist Mission in Kenya,
How can we not be inspired to continue our support
For SFXBOYS Scholarships for the Marist School students?

Over the years we, as a group, have contributed US $100,000 to help the students –
Individually, one cannot do too much, but as a worldwide SFX brotherhood,
We can draw on everyone’s compassion and efforts to move mountains!

Our abiding beloved octogenarian Bro. Gregory,
One among many Marist Brothers -- past, present and future –
Has been ordained and persevering for 60 years (since 1954)!
He educated us in Hong Kong for decades, and is now in Kenya,
Administering three schools, nurturing the young, and helping the poor.

The Mission depends on donations and young volunteers …
Let’s send Bro. Gregory a surprise anniversary gift this year by donating even more !!
How about everyone donating something, per ability, just to show we all appreciate?
It would also be rewarding to reach out, encouraging all our schoolmates to participate.

Recent news out of Africa shows Bro. Gregory is trying desperately
To get the proper medical treatment for an 11-year-old boy
With a baseball-sized cancer on his neck ( view Worldwide Campaign).

Here lies a great challenge for all of us:
Can we let our consciousness venture beyond our comfort sphere of I - Me - My - Mine,
To soar to the ether riding on the world-revolving caring altruistic winds;
To make our act of giving to the Marist Mission
As dependable and predictable as the trade winds,
As welcoming as the return of the swallows to Capistrano, and
As relieving as spring rains that renew life?

Thank God for the Marist Brothers - - - Act now!

Bosco Ho (K-66)
Webmaster www.sfxboys.com (based in San Francisco),
With all Regional Coordinators

p.s. If you have fond memories of our Marist Brothers, please share them with us and we will publish them on our website.

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