[MSAA] SFX Alumni Mobile Application

Welcome to "SFX Alumni" Mobile Application. Join us now and you will be connected with the Marist Brothers, teachers of your old days and fellow SFX boys just by one touch.

Download the SFX App and you can retrieve the latest news and activities related to Marist Brothers, alma mater, alumni associations with oversea chapters, retired teachers and our fellow classmates.

Moreover, you can upload your information and make yourself known to other SFX boys. 
For enquires and comments, please feel free to contact us at info@xaverians.net

歡迎來到 "聖芳濟校友" 移動應用。現在就加入我們,聯繫你的聖母昆仲會修士,聖芳濟兄弟和老師。 

此外,你可以上傳你的信息,讓其他聖芳濟兄弟知道自己的近況。 如有任何查詢及意見,請隨時與我們聯繫 info@xaverians.net。



One thought on “[MSAA] SFX Alumni Mobile Application

  1. 陳曉曄

    Is it possible to have a page to leave all school mate contact information, so that we could keep in touch even we have left school so many year

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