List of Presidents

Under the Marist Schools Alumni Association (Hong Kong) Constitution, the President of the MSAA is the head of association, responsible for the management & operation of the association, and leading the association as a bridge to link-up the connections among Marist schools from different part of the world.

List of President of MSAA

Period* Name of President
2016-2017 Mr. Daniel Li
2014-2015 Ir. Dr. Peter Yau
2011-2013 Mr. Arthur Leung
2009-2011 Dr. Kenneth Ng
2007-2009 Mr. Samuel Ho
2005-2007 Mr. Samuel Ho
2003-2005 Mr. Dave Kwan
2001-2003 Mr. Raymond Ng
1999-2001 Mr. Raymond Ng
1997-1999 Mr. Raymond Ng
1995-1997 Mr. Raymond Ng
1993-1995 Mr. Simon Zee
1991-1993 Mr. Johnson Lin
1989-1991 Mr. Johnson Lin
1987-1989 Mr. Andrew Cheng
1984-1987 Mr. Andrew Lee
1982-1984 Mr. Andrew Lee
1980-1982 Mr. George Ko
1978-1980 Mr. George V. Elliott
1976-1978 Mr. Douglas C. Oxley
1974-1976 Mr. Peter Zunn
1972-1974 Mr. Rigo Roliz
1970-1972 Mr. George V. Elliott
1968-1970 Mr. George Tchao
1966-1968 Mr. Julio A. da Silva
1965-1966 Mr. Joseph Hsu
1963-1965 Mr. Eric Kwok
1961-1963 Mr. George Tchao
1960-1961 Mr. Gerald Abbass

* For the period of the presidency, it begins on the first day of the year of appointment to the last day of the year of appointment. E.g.: period 2011-2013 is from 2011/01/01 to 2013/12/31.

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