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Theme: Self, School and Society “Towards a New beginning – Marist 200”
Date: June 24-28, 2017
Main Venue: St. Francis Xavier’s College, Hong Kong
Language: English, Mandarin and Cantonese
Quota: 34 students from Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore
Criteria: Age 16 or above, willing to challenge himself and take leadership position, give back to schools and want to know more friends from overseas


Application deadline: March 31, 2017
For enquiry: contact us at info@xaverians.net

If you are interested, please fill-in the form below and then contact the representative teachers at your school. We will contact you shortly for any update. Thank you.



If you are interested in contributing your talents and time to facilitate and help the program, please contact us at info@xaverians.net. Thank you very much.

To All SFX Boys,image001

“Ode to Marist Brothers”

Spurred on by Bro. Gregory’s dedication, sacrifice and hardship in the Marist Mission in Kenya,
How can we not be inspired to continue our support
For SFXBOYS Scholarships for the Marist School students?

Over the years we, as a group, have contributed US $100,000 to help the students –
Individually, one cannot do too much, but as a worldwide SFX brotherhood,
We can draw on everyone’s compassion and efforts to move mountains!

Our abiding beloved octogenarian Bro. Gregory,
One among many Marist Brothers -- past, present and future –
Has been ordained and persevering for 60 years (since 1954)!
He educated us in Hong Kong for decades, and is now in Kenya,
Administering three schools, nurturing the young, and helping the poor.

The Mission depends on donations and young volunteers …
Let’s send Bro. Gregory a surprise anniversary gift this year by donating even more !!
How about everyone donating something, per ability, just to show we all appreciate?
It would also be rewarding to reach out, encouraging all our schoolmates to participate.

Recent news out of Africa shows Bro. Gregory is trying desperately
To get the proper medical treatment for an 11-year-old boy
With a baseball-sized cancer on his neck ( view Worldwide Campaign).

Here lies a great challenge for all of us:
Can we let our consciousness venture beyond our comfort sphere of I - Me - My - Mine,
To soar to the ether riding on the world-revolving caring altruistic winds;
To make our act of giving to the Marist Mission
As dependable and predictable as the trade winds,
As welcoming as the return of the swallows to Capistrano, and
As relieving as spring rains that renew life?

Thank God for the Marist Brothers - - - Act now!

Bosco Ho (K-66)
Webmaster www.sfxboys.com (based in San Francisco),
With all Regional Coordinators

p.s. If you have fond memories of our Marist Brothers, please share them with us and we will publish them on our website.


Dear Brothers and Old Boys,

I like to give you a brief update as I you have missed some news from me for some time.  The reason is that I was on my home visit to Germany. I made it back to Kenya and to the island of Mfangano just one week ago.  There are a few reasons for my two months stay in Germany. 
1. All the German Marist Brothers who are out in the foreign missions were invited back to Germany for a General Assembly of all German Brothers in the world. At one time, especially during WW II, there were a total of more than one hundred German Brothers in the Mission countries, especially in China, Samoa Islands, South America, Africa.  Today that number has dwindled to  less than ten. The main reason is that few, and in some countries hardly any young people for some decades heed the call to religious life. On the other hand, the fact that numerous young volunteers are coming forward to help our Marist missions for a period of one or more years. 
2. The German Brothers also celebrated their Centenary of Marist missionary work in Germany. One hundred years of service and life history  of a person-- and more so of a community-- is to be celebrated so as to give thanks and praise to God for his goodness.
3.This third reason was for the celebrate of the diamond jubilee of some Marist Brothers.  In 1954 there were fifteen of us who made their PROFESSION, that is, their commitment as Marist Brothers of the Schools (FMS). Out of the fifteen of us, God has already called nine to their eternal home.  These nine persevered in their vocation and died as Marist Brothers. Among these nine is also Brother Rudolf Urban who died two years ago in Hong Kong and is buried in Cheung Sha Wan cemetery with other Marist Brothers. 
In the attached photo four of us are pictured in the front bench at the Eucharistic jubilee celebration in the Marist Brothers` Church in Germany (Nr.1406).
Also in my native village in Bavaria, Germany, my home parish celebrated the occasion in a very lively and happy fashion according to our customs with "Un Papabrass band" for the procession to the Church and refreshments "à la Bavaria"!
I am very happy and grateful to God that HE grants me the health to still be of service to the marginalized youths in this remote area or as visitors often refer to it as a "hardship area". I am deeply grateful to all our loyal and generous Old Boys and all our benefactors for your support.  You make it possible to continue keeping some of our neediest students in our Marist schools, more especially in ST. Martin Technical school, Ramba, and Bishop Mugendi Secondary School. Truly, we are ONE WORLDWIDE MARIST FAMILY !
Ever united in our common mission, in love, prayer and brother hood,
Your Brother Gregory in Kenya, East Africa

SFXC老爺車1(9012) (1 : 1) SFXS壯年組2(清溪)
SFXC老爺車2(vmcc) (0 : 2) SFXS壯年組1(77勁)
SFXC冠軍(米青) (4 : 2) SFXS青年組2(濟貧)
SFXC亞軍(蕉型戰士) (2 : 2) SFXS青年組1(Inner Circle)
兩回合兩校代表隊經過激烈的對賽,總分同為11分,荃濟以21入球對九濟19入球險勝,奪得本屆MSAA Cup.


次回合:十一月二日 荃濟
09:00 - SFXC老爺車1(9012) Vs SFXS壯年組2(清溪)
10:00 - SFXC老爺車2(vmcc) Vs SFXS壯年組1(77勁)
11:00 - SFXC冠軍(米青) Vs SFXS青年組2(濟貧)
12:00 - SFXC亞軍(蕉型戰士) Vs SFXS青年組1(Inner Circle)

SFXC老爺車1(9012) (5 : 2) SFXS壯年組1(77勁)
SFXC老爺車2(vmcc) (0 : 2) SFXS壯年組2(清溪)

SFXC亞軍(蕉型戰士) (6 : 4) SFXS青年組2(濟貧)
SFXC冠軍(米青) (1 : 6) SFXS青年組1(Inner Circle)


首回合:十月廿六日 九濟
09:00 - SFXC老爺車1(9012) Vs SFXS壯年組1(77勁)
10:00 - SFXC老爺車2(vmcc) Vs SFXS壯年組2(清溪)
11:00 - SFXC亞軍(蕉型戰士) Vs SFXS青年組2(濟貧)
12:00 - SFXC冠軍(米青) Vs SFXS青年組1(Inner Circle)

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Dear Xaverians @SFX,

Most Marist Brothers who have dedicated their lives to youth education in our Alma Maters are resting in eternal peace at Cheung Sha Wan Catholic Cemetery. A visit to the Brothers' graveyard will be held annually with a name "Piety Recess", indicating our expression of piety towards the reverend Brothers, during this occasion as a recess, or retreat, from our hustling life. It is a chance for us Xaverians to stop for a while and recollect the devotion and sacrifice of the Brothers.

Date: 17 May 2014 (Sat)
09:00am: Coach depart from SFXS
09:30am: Coach depart from SFXC
10:00am: Ceremony start
10:45am: Ceremony finish

If you would like to join this meaningful memorial event, please contact us for arrangement. Registration ends 30Apr. 聯絡陳志平副校長9459-4398、校友黎民健9655-8738
As there are limited seats for the coach, not all old boys can be offered a seat. In such case, you're advised to go there by taxi.

Best Regards,
Marist School Alumni Association (Hong Kong)/
St. Francis Xavier's School (Tsuen Wan) Alunmi Association/
St. Francis Xavier's College Alumni Association